BitCare :: Continuous IT system maintenance

Continuous maintenance of the information systems of companies and agencies, ensuring the smooth operation of your work and maximum efficiency of your IT systems. We will inventory your IT property and organize its maintenance in a way that would help us solve possible issues before they even appear, and, if any failures occur, they would be solved immediately. We will undertake to perform monthly checks on your equipment and computer security from viruses and other unwanted programs. We will perform a full check-up on your computers every six months, by checking all the main computer components and removing dust. Every six months, we will perform a full check-up on your printers, remove dust and other dirt, clean the paper intake roller, inspect and perform a diagnosis on replaceable printer parts. Once a year we will review your local area network equipment, check all the internet cables and replace cable tips as necessary. We will constantly provide you with information about the condition of your IT equipment and offer you ways to optimize your IT property. We always give priority to customers who require continuous IT system maintenance, we rapidly respond to any system failures and remove them as quickly as possible. We provide free consultations by phone or by remotely connecting to your computer.

Continuous IT system maintenance is the best solution enabling to focus all our attention on the main activities of your company and at the same time have a safe and reliable IT equipment that ensures smooth work.

1.1. Computer networks

Wired or wireless. We work with next-generation wireless equipment ensuring maximum speed, rendering distance and connection coverage indoors and outdoors.

1.2.Internet projects

Representational websites, e-shops, SEO and AdWords services, and other programming, website update and maintenance works.