BitCare :: Cartridges for printers

Today, there are a lot of different options when obtaining supplies for your printer. In order to find out which option is the most suitable for you, you must first answer a few questions: what is the device that requires cartridges; how often and how many copies do you print or copy; what are your priorities and requirements for prints and equipment operation.

Cartridge refilling – our experience shows that this is the best option for those who use monochrome laser printers or multifunctional devices. This method not only reduces printing costs by up to 70% compared to the purchase of original cartridges or is the most environmentally- friendly choice, but it also ensures proper print quality. Of course, there are quite a number of those in the market who do not follow the technological processes and offer cartridge refilling services that are of low quality, therefore we always provide a 100% warranty for cartridges refilled by our company.

Alternative cartridges – this is often the cheapest way to acquire a new cartridge, but is more suitable for older copying devices or simple inkjet printers. We have carefully selected only reliable and tested manufacturers and products, however, they are often more expensive than the cheapest possible offers. However, even when choosing high quality alternative cartridges, they can be refilled a very limited number of times.

When selecting the cheapest possible product in the market, be prepared to encounter a decline in print quality, accelerated wear or malfunctions of the main printer units, as well as smaller amount of printed copies than declared by the manufacturer.

Original cartridges – they ensure the best print quality, however this is the most expensive choice. This is often the best option for those who use expensive, wide format printing equipment or want to achieve an ideal print image and shades.

BitCare cartridges – a choice with the quality of original cartridges and the price of high quality alternative cartridges. All BitCare cartridges are produced by using the cases of original cartridges, therefore they can be refilled as many times as the originals. The only disadvantage of this choice is that we can offer such cartridges only for the most popular printer models. BitCare cartridges and their refills is a choice that guarantees the lowest printing and copying costs.